Bullying and Adequate.

I have a confession. I broke.

It took the entire semester but it happened. I broke.

I know things get really tough and everything start to pile up even after tedious amount of planning and setting due dates ahead of time. Things don’t often go the way they are suppose to. I had 6 assignment due on one day and not to mention things that were due days before and after. I kept it “cool”, but it only took one grade and someone comment to break me down. I don’t easily go down; while other students complained, cried and whined the entire semester – i stayed positive. After I calmed down (which took some time) I started to realize something very important; pressure and bullying. At this age I should have better control over my emotions and at this age ( or older than myself) no one should be a bully.

I want to talk about myself first. I consider myself a strong person but a bit too caring at time, which can be nice at time but very inconvenient as well. I was not thought to control my feelings, and for the most of my childhood I was only allowed to suppress my feelings for the only explanation that it is what I am suppose to do; listen to adults and always agree. So if I ever felt that I disagreed I would just shut everyone out…do people do that? (I have realized not to do that) Then, I realized that most young adults probably feel that way which isn’t right and could lead to a break down like the one I had as an adult which I didn’t find things under control. How did i manage as a young adult and how do others handle it? It is emotionally damaging for them to keep their feelings inside; so as a future teacher I vow to understand my students, and listen to them when they are going through something and just can’t handle the situation and want to yell their brains out. It can be embarrassing at times to just cry like a baby or yell like a dog but it has to be done and it only helps if there is someone to listen to and even better if they can relate.

Secondly, I am just going to say it…teaching adequate at a young age is going to improve social skills which will lead to no bullying. I am guilty of blurring things out (Need improvement) which can be embarrassing but never in a million years I use my mouth to bully a person. At a young age I was taught to be kind to people – no matter what and it sticked. Should that be enforced a bit more from teachers at school? This is something that I learned from home but wouldn’t it be brilliant if teacher also took on a role to showcase adequate to students; the social norm. Teach student or demonstrate: how to eat, greet, talk, give advice, share, listen when spoken to, feedback, control emotions, have a conversation instead of an argument etc. Making a student into a cultured and sociable person. Being kind and helpful can only benefit people and break the bullying cycle.