The most important skill in teaching is learning how to be a learner.

Seriously though.

I pre-plan. Then, plan. To finally make a lesson plan. It has been the process I have to wrap my head around these days. My schedule has been sort of an exciting one. I find myself planning hypothetical mini-lesson, lesson plan, and unit plans. I am learning to teach how others will learn.

Mentoring at a middle school where I have found myself very useful. My pre-planning, planning, and hypothetical lessons plans going to be live in an actual classroom setting. With a bit of planning and putting together vocabulary games and activities with the 6th grade teacher I am mentoring.

Although the point is, I have limited experience with children. Some carried over from my high school child development program, tutoring kids around the block, and the experience I had while being an ELL/ESL student in elementary school.

With that in mind I added differentiation to all my lesson plans. It was important to me to be the teacher I wanted as a ESL/ELL student. Simple textbook and paper did not work for me so why would it work for the students today? When making my lesson plans I always go through the dramatic scenarios I have had experienced as a learner.

All students in my opinion want to learn, but they want it to be made easy for them. So, why NOT? I have come to an understanding that teachers may find this line as “Students being lazy”. But, are they really being lazy or are we being lazy to differentiate the lesson plans…I see a positive in students even the one that are “lazy” because something motivates us all – just gotta their catch!

Let me take some time to introduce the face behind the rant…

I am a student at University of Texas at Dallas. I aim to inspire and educate. Have to just put things in writing sometimes, so I will be ranting a lot – some days it will be exciting and some days may be not so much. But, I  will be here to through out the whole process.

toddles from me.


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